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Video gallery, all our videos by market

Commercial aircraft video gallery

A330neo First Flight interviews        
Highlights of the A330neo first flight        
In the making: Installing the no. 1 A330neo's engines        
In the making: Painting the no. 1 A330neo        
A330neo Engine Trent 7000        
A330neo Film Produit        
In the making: Assembling the no. 1 A330neo        
Airbus and Bombardier announce C Series Partnership        
Airbus BLADE Makes First Flight WEB        
BLADE video        
Airbus A330 Tianjin Completion Centre presentation by Julien Montcru        
Airbus A330 Tianjin Completion and Delivery Centre – A human adventure        
Improving air traffic management with PEGASE        
Airbus ACJ Service Centre Network        
Airbus Cathay Pacific and Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO)        
Services By Airbus - Paving The Way To Airline Success        
Newsfeed by Airbus        
A350 XWB Already 100th aircraft delivered        
Airbus A380plus ‘cabin enablers’        
Alphabet/Google’s chairman is a great fan of the A380!        


Helicopters video gallery

Emergency care takes flight in the Land of the Midnight Sun        
Airbus Helicopters delivers 400th UH-72A Lakota to U.S. Army        
Wrap-up of Airbus Paris International Air Show 2017        
Day 4 at Paris Air Show        
Paris Air Show - Day 2        
Building Blocks H160        
H160 Double Take        
H135 Helionix: customer feedback after Miami flights        
H135 Helionix from a pilot's perspective        
H135 HATS Last Delivery        
German Armed Forces reach 90,000 flight hours with the H135 training helicopter        
GFS - H175 SAR        
Meet China’s H135 launch customer, Beijing 999        
20 years H135 - Benchmark of Today and Tomorrow        
H145 NRW police enters into service        
Airbus Group at Farnborough Airshow 2016: Best of the week        
Devon Air Ambulance’s H135s: Making a difference when every minute counts        
H135: Flying the Line with Wester Power Distribution        


Space video gallery

Sentinel-5 Precursor        
AIRBUS JUICE Emotionclip        
We never stop innovating        
BepiColombo - Mission to Mercury        
Orion European Service Module for NASA's spacecraft        
ISS Utilization        
Ariane 5        
Solar Orbiter        
Space Equipment        
Human Spaceflight        
Biomass - Promo clip        
All-electric propulsion satellites by Airbus        
OneWeb Satellite Constellation        
Eurostar Neo        
The New Journey into Space        
Mars Rover        
 GRACE-FO satellites        
Orion ESM - Mission through deep space        


Defence video gallery

Meet the Expert: Fernando Ciria, Head of Marketing  ISR and Tactical Air Lifter - WEB        
Eurofighter capabilities        
Eurofighter - swing-role fighter        
C295W North America Tour        
C295 African Tour        
C295 ISR        
C295 water bomber        
A400M - strategic and tactical capabilities        
A400M tanker loading static display        
A330MRTT AMUG        
A330 MRTT        
Eurofighter Captor-E radar        
A400M Beach Operations        
Airbus Aerial: Enabling a future of aerial services        
Airbus Achieves Automatic Air-to-Air Refuelling Contact        
AERO SatCom        
C295W refueling helicopter        
C295 MPA        
BLR-LTE:  4G Wireless tactical communications system for theatres of operations        


Company & Innovation Video Gallery

19 October 2017

A330neo First Flight interviews

Learn more about the A330neo’s successful maiden flight – performed 19 October 2017 – in follow-up interviews with Airbus Commercial Aircraft Chief Operating Officer Tom Williams and Experimental Test Pilot Thomas Wilhelm.

19 October 2017

Highlights of the A330neo first flight

With a six-person test crew aboard, Airbus’ A330neo completes its four-hour maiden flight from Toulouse, France on 19 October 2017. The activity – conducted from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in southwestern France – marks the start of this new-generation jetliner's flight test and certification campaign.

19 October 2017

In the making: Installing the no. 1 A330neo's engines

Ahead of its high-profile first flight on 19 October 2017, watch Airbus' no. 1 A330neo receive its Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines.

19 October 2017

In the making: Painting the no. 1 A330neo

Take an inside look at the painting process used by Airbus for its no. 1 A330neo jetliner, which will perform is first flight from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport on 19 October 2017.

18 October 2017

A330neo Engine Trent 7000

Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engine First Flight A330neo - B-roll

17 October 2017

In the making: Assembling the no. 1 A330neo

Assembly of the milestone first A330neo – which is one of three development aircraft to be used for the jetliner programme's certification process – is shown during a “fast forward” video clip. The A330neo's first flight is planned for 19 October from France's Toulouse-Blagnac Airport.

26 September 2017

Airbus BLADE Makes First Flight WEB

Toulouse, September 26th, 2017 – Airbus’ A340 laminar-flow “BLADE” test demonstrator aircraft (A340-300 MSN001) has made its successful maiden flight for the EU-sponsored Clean Sky “Blade” project. The aircraft, dubbed “Flight Lab”, took off from the Tarbes aerodrome in southern France at local time 11:00, and after a series of successful tests it landed at Airbus’ facilities in Toulouse Blagnac. The overall flight time was 3hrs/38mins.

07 September 2017

We never stop innovating

Since the early 60's Airbus has continuously been pushing the boundaries of space technology.

31 August 2017

Improving air traffic management with PEGASE

The volume of global air traffic has been steadily increasing for years. To accommodate the anticipated growth moving forward, Airbus is supporting PEGASE (Providing Effective Ground & Air data Sharing via Extended Projected Profile) - which is part of the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) initiative. PEGASE connects jetliner and ground systems to optimise trajectory in three dimensions (latitude, longitude and altitude), plus time with real-time exchange of trajectory information – the Extended Projected Profile – between aircraft and air traffic management systems.

06 July 2017

Innovation at Airbus: building the future of flight

Innovation has always been a part of Airbus’ DNA and we are focused on specific research and development areas that we believe are going to be the key drivers in building the future of flight. We’re using the core strength and capabilities of Airbus, plus an extended innovation ecosystem, to deliver our mission.

03 July 2017

Airbus A380plus ‘cabin enablers’

This video is a live demonstration, by Roland Naudy – A380 Cabin Marketing Director, of ‘cabin enablers’ which along with aerodynamic and operational improvements form the A380plus. These cabin enablers allow 80 additional seats to be accommodated without compromising comfort.

26 June 2017

Alphabet/Google’s chairman is a great fan of the A380!

The Chairman of Google’s parent company and aviation enthusiast Eric Schmidt joined Airbus in Toulouse to take an A380 for a spin – and he loved it! Find out what he thinks of the A380, of and his views on what digitisation can bring to aviation in this exclusive video!

23 June 2017

Meet The Expert Mark Cousin Head Of Demonstrators

Don't miss this episode of Meet the Expert, where Mark Cousin talks about the demonstrator programme at CTO Airbus. City Airbus, Vahana or E-fan X are some of the new-generation demonstrators that will set up the future of hybrid electric propulsion.

23 June 2017

Electric propulsion: the future by Airbus and Siemens

Airbus and Siemens have partnered to make electric propulsion a reality. Glenn Llewellyn, Airbus General Manager, Electrification, and CEO of Siemens, Frank Anton, discuss flying demonstrators and how electric propulsion can fundamentally change the future of aviation.

22 June 2017

Meet the Expert: Fernando Ciria, Head of Marketing ISR and Tactical Air Lifter - WEB

During Paris Air Show, we sit with Fernando Ciria, Head of Marketing Light & Medium & ISR to talk about the C295 capabilities. He also gives us a hint on the Brazilian C295 World tour.

21 June 2017

Meet the Expert: Matthew Evans, VP Digital Transformation Programs

During the Paris Air Show 2017 Airbus has launched a new open digital aviation data platform, Skywise, in collaboration with Palantir Technologies. Matthew Evans explains the basis of this disruptive innovation.

20 June 2017

Airbus launches new open aviation data platform, Skywise.

Airbus launches new open aviation data platform, Skywise, to support digital transformation of the industry – powered by Palantir Technologies


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