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19 October 2017

A330neo First Flight interviews

Learn more about the A330neo’s successful maiden flight – performed 19 October 2017 – in follow-up interviews with Airbus Commercial Aircraft Chief Operating Officer Tom Williams and Experimental Test Pilot Thomas Wilhelm.

19 October 2017

Highlights of the A330neo first flight

With a six-person test crew aboard, Airbus’ A330neo completes its four-hour maiden flight from Toulouse, France on 19 October 2017. The activity – conducted from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in southwestern France – marks the start of this new-generation jetliner's flight test and certification campaign.

19 October 2017

In the making: Installing the no. 1 A330neo's engines

Ahead of its high-profile first flight on 19 October 2017, watch Airbus' no. 1 A330neo receive its Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines.

19 October 2017

In the making: Painting the no. 1 A330neo

Take an inside look at the painting process used by Airbus for its no. 1 A330neo jetliner, which will perform is first flight from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport on 19 October 2017.

18 October 2017

A330neo Engine Trent 7000

Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engine First Flight A330neo - B-roll

17 October 2017

In the making: Assembling the no. 1 A330neo

Assembly of the milestone first A330neo – which is one of three development aircraft to be used for the jetliner programme's certification process – is shown during a “fast forward” video clip. The A330neo's first flight is planned for 19 October from France's Toulouse-Blagnac Airport.

17 October 2017

Airbus and Bombardier announce C Series Partnership

Toulouse 17 October 2017 Interview with CEO Airbus Tom Enders Interview with CEO and President Bombardier Alain Bellemare

16 October 2017

Emergency care takes flight in the Land of the Midnight Sun

With a fleet that includes next-generation H145 helicopters, FinnHEMS handles 15,000 emergency medical missions a year for Finland.

09 October 2017

Airbus Helicopters delivers 400th UH-72A Lakota to U.S. Army

Airbus Helicopters has delivered the U.S. Army’s 400th UH-72A Lakota helicopter, fulfilling its contract requirements to date by delivering every aircraft on time, on budget and meeting the Army’s rigorous quality standards.

05 October 2017

Sentinel-5 Precursor

Sentinel-5 Precursor – a ESA/Kingdom of the Netherlands mission for the European Copernicus Programme – was built by Airbus on an Astrobus-M platform carrying the tropospheric ozone monitoring instrument TROPOMI. Sentinel-5 Precursor is the 1st Copernicus satellite dedicated to monitoring atmospheric chemistry.

26 September 2017

AIRBUS JUICE Emotionclip

Searching for life on Jupiter's icy moons

26 September 2017

Airbus BLADE Makes First Flight WEB

Toulouse, September 26th, 2017 – Airbus’ A340 laminar-flow “BLADE” test demonstrator aircraft (A340-300 MSN001) has made its successful maiden flight for the EU-sponsored Clean Sky “Blade” project. The aircraft, dubbed “Flight Lab”, took off from the Tarbes aerodrome in southern France at local time 11:00, and after a series of successful tests it landed at Airbus’ facilities in Toulouse Blagnac. The overall flight time was 3hrs/38mins.

20 September 2017

Airbus A330 Tianjin Completion Centre presentation by Julien Montcru

On 20 September Airbus inaugurated its A330 Completion and Delivery Centre in Tianjin, taking a further step in the expansion of its global footprint and partnership with China. Julien Montcru Head of Operations Completion Centre A330 comes back on this human adventure

20 September 2017

Airbus A330 Tianjin Completion and Delivery Centre – A human adventure

On 20 September Airbus inaugurated its A330 Completion and Delivery Centre in Tianjin, taking a further step in the expansion of its global footprint and partnership with China. A great human adventure between Europe and China.

18 September 2017


Supporting efficient delivery of resilient, secure services and is inherently flexible to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Designed for fixed, land mobile, airborne and maritime platforms, Proteus delivers maximum bandwidth efficiency and data throughput while offering robust protection against threats and interception.

07 September 2017

We never stop innovating

Since the early 60's Airbus has continuously been pushing the boundaries of space technology.

31 August 2017

Improving air traffic management with PEGASE

The volume of global air traffic has been steadily increasing for years. To accommodate the anticipated growth moving forward, Airbus is supporting PEGASE (Providing Effective Ground & Air data Sharing via Extended Projected Profile) - which is part of the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) initiative. PEGASE connects jetliner and ground systems to optimise trajectory in three dimensions (latitude, longitude and altitude), plus time with real-time exchange of trajectory information – the Extended Projected Profile – between aircraft and air traffic management systems.

24 August 2017

Airbus ACJ Service Centre Network

Presentation of The ACJ Service Centre Network

22 August 2017

Airbus Cathay Pacific and Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO)

The exceptional partnership between Airbus and Cathay Pacific Airways was marked by a unique concert in Toulouse, France this week that celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region – and coincided with Cathay Pacific’s latest announcement for Airbus jetliners.

10 August 2017

Services By Airbus - Paving The Way To Airline Success

Airbus is a leading supplier of integrated aviation services built around expertise of the aircraft manufacturer with the most modern and comprehensive product line. Creating value for customers, working with operators, owners, MROs and lessors, Services by Airbus enhances fleet performance with the expertise of an aircraft designer and manufacturer. Blessed with the company’s pioneering spirit, Services by Airbus has innovative solutions and latest offering on the services market.

01 August 2017

Newsfeed by Airbus

Introduction to this app, launched early 2017 for Airbus commercial aircraft customers. The clip shows how and where to download it and gives examples of the type of articles published.

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